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Progress report for

Vertically Integrated Unit

Fabric Mill

Garment Manufacturer

Brand and/OR Retailer


Percentage of total fabric portfolio %

Percentage of
total jeans
portfolio %

2019-2021 Participant

2021-2023 Participant



# of styles of jeans that met
The Jeans Redesign Guidelines

Biggest learnings from participating in The Jeans Redesign

Description of learnings

Investments made to achieve the requirements laid out by The Jeans Redesign Guidelines

Made to be
used more


Provide information on how to care for jeans visibly on the garment


Action taken to provide the minimum required information on how to care for jeans visibly on the garment

Additional pieces of care information provided visibly on the garment


Made to be
made again

Made from safe and
recycled or renewable inputs

Other garments and/or fabrics


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